No matter where you work, nobody succeeds without building connections. But networking has never been an exact science and conventional options such as business cards and social networks don't offer any real insight into what you are doing right and how you can improve.


We're building dex to transform the way that people connect with one another and enabling them to identify key insights and trends simply by touching a button when they meet someone. More importantly, we're building this platform so that you, the user, have an easy to use tool that makes meeting valuable connections simpler and more effective.

Profile Building.

Unlike a traditional business card, Dex users build in depth profiles that include much more than just their job title and contact details. These allow our users to present themselves in a truly unique way while also giving us the initial building block to power our future data analytics.

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We built Dex to simplify networking and that's why as well as using traditional connection methods such as card scanning, we also created a unique and propriety function that allows users to connect with one another simply by the touch of a button. It's a process we like to call 'dexchange' and we think you're going to love it!

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User Experience.

Unlike current solutions, Dex is being built to directly cater to our individual users and we're passionate about building a service that will enable each user the flexibility to get exactly what they want out of the platform. To achieve this, we are developing a wide range of functions such as the opportunity to set and track targets as well as customizable data analytics that will be made available to users on a per function basis rather than just via an over-arching subscription.

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